Investigations-Miami-Ft-Lauderdale-WPBAs the global work place relies on an ever growing number of partners, offshore suppliers and third parties to accomplish daily tasks and workloads, the consequences of not knowing a person's true identity can cause severe losses.

Through data collection, information gathering, comprehensive background investigations, polygraph exam, surveillance, Roger P. Gibson, Inc can assess and mitigate operational risks threatening your organization.

Roger P. Gibson, Inc has the capabilities to investigate:

  • Fraud 
  • Internal malpractice
  • Corruption
  • Bribery  
  • Undisclosed relationships
  • Reputation concerns
  • Corruption
  • Secret commissions
  • Hidden assets
  • Vandalism
  • Sabotage
  • Threats
  • Harassment
  • Extortion
  • Internal theft
  • Product counterfeiting
  • Copyright infringement.

Through a worldwide network of experts, we acquire actionable intelligence that will help your organization achieve a defensible standard of care.

Our  team is made of individuals with multidisciplinary backgrounds in Intelligence, Law, Psychology, Communication, Business.

We are able to  translate Spanish, French, German, Farsi, Hebrew, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Creole.

ASSET TRACING AND RECOVERYgibson-miami-investigations-services

Over our 35 year history Roger P. Gibson, Inc has devised the most effective strategy to locate assets held in real and intangible properties. We examine complex ownership structures, determine ultimate beneficial ownership of assets and establish financial and corporate links between parties, follow complicated financial trail to trace hidden assets.


Operational success depends on getting the right information, at the right time. Through investigative means and data mining, Roger P. Gibson, Inc can verify  the background of individuals, employees, principals of companies, senior hires and investors, potential partner and provide your organization with crucial information in a timely manner.


Roger P. Gibson, Inc offers a comprehensive, worldwide screening service on both new and existing employees. Different levels of screening can be conducted depending on the role or seniority of an employee. It includes criminal record checks, motor vehicle record abstracts, credit checks, employment and education verifications.


Roger P. Gibson, Inc provides independent  identification verification services to financial institutions, banks, credit unions, property management firms, and other businesses.

SKIP TRACINGinvestigation-services-south-florida

Through the use of experienced investigative techniques, combined with state of the art computer science, Roger P. Gibson, Inc has developed a computer data base with over 2000 information sources nationwide.This system is designed to locate individuals, corporations, assets and other important information needed within the legal and investigative industry.


Our investigators have the expertise to  handle complex, multi-jurisdiction and highly confidential fraud investigations. These involve asset tracing, unravelling shareholding structures, establishing personal and business links, computer forensics and surveillance. We can assist you to detect suspicious activity within your organization and implement an asset recovery or loss mitigation strategy.


In the light of new sets of federal laws imposing stricter regulations and tougher sanctions on business practices, Corporate Intelligence and Due Diligence have become common practices for any institution considering establishing relationships overseas.
Under regulatory framework such as the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act  and Patriot Act II, an uninformed decision can have dramatic implications for US institutions.
Lack of Due Diligence of an entity's agents, vendors and suppliers could mean doing business with an organization having ties to foreign officials. 
Corporate intelligence uncovers threats of political interference, hidden ownership, organized crime, corruption and provides business leaders with critical information to make sound decisions.


Roger P. Gibson, Inc Polygraph Examiners team comprises of former law enforcement officials trained on the Backster Zone Comparison Polygraph Method to adhere to the guidelines of the Federal Psycho-physiological Detection of Deception standards, as taught by the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute. Our team of experts has administered hundreds of criminal polygraph examinations in cases of homicide, robbery, sexual battery, theft and other criminal offenses and have been consistently successful in securing admissions to crimes after the polygraph examinations were administered. These admissions lead to the successful prosecution and conviction of the perpetrator.


Roger P. Gibson, Inc can provide surveillance on people or premises for gathering information or counter surveillance to ensure personal security and movements are not monitored or compromised. Our Surveillance Operatives are compliant with relevant legislation to ensure that evidence collected is admissible in a court or a tribunal.